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Providing high quality and
guaranteed sunlight
We sell domestically produced, high quality solar cells and modules.
We also offer a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind.
Please feel free to contact us if you are thinking of purchasing solar power or modules.
Wholesale and retail sales of solar panels (modules) and industrial LED lights
Product type
High conversion efficiency single crystal module
Single crystal module 6 inch x 60 cells
Single crystal module 5 inch x 72 cells
High conversion efficiency polycrystalline module
Polycrystalline module 6 inch x 60 cells
Polycrystal module 150x60pcs
Domestic peace of mind-with manufacturer's warranty
The manufacturer's warranty makes it easier to make plans for recovering expected electricity sales revenue and costs. In case of emergency, a 20-year module warranty / 10-year output warranty comes with a warranty system that you can use with confidence.
Installation costs and cost recovery
When introducing a photovoltaic power generation system, the installation cost is still a concern. The installation cost depends on the system application, capacity, installation method, manufacturer used, etc. In addition, since the amount of power generation also differs depending on the installation conditions, it is necessary to perform a power generation amount prediction simulation in advance for the period required for cost recovery. We forecast the amount of power generation in consideration of the customer's surrounding environment, and propose the installation cost together with the forecast of the cost recovery period.
Energy-saving measures- Energy-saving measures by introducing and using LED lights
By using LED lights with low power consumption, 10 times longer life and durability in combination with sunlight, more energy saving and power saving effect can be achieved. * We propose projection lights (spotlights) and outdoor LED lighting fixtures for lighting up.
Monitor / remote monitoring system
You can see the power generation / sales status in real time with data. An easy-to-read color LCD monitor displays the amount of power generated, consumed, and sold in the home in real time. In addition to being able to see at a glance whether power is being sold or purchased, you can visually check the current power status of your home with illustrations and graphs by switching the screen mode. In addition, you can compare the power generation results with the same month of the previous year or the target value set arbitrarily, and you can feel energy saving and eco-friendliness with easy-to-understand displays. Naturally, the desire to save electricity will increase.
For those who request a solar module
Please contact us regarding power plant and roof installation , from small output emergency type to high conversion efficiency type .